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In the Abstrect Circle Group we have artists, writers, curators, artgalleries etc. What do we want to happen? To dare is to do. Why wait? Any good ideas?

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so what you said about spain maybe be useful. shall we go this toward that direction and then contagiate the rest?or create something new somewhere else?
I think one road of many is artfaires as ARCO. Fore that we need a gallery.
Another road is to seek funds from goverments ect. International colaborations is something that will give results in this matter
Now we have an SPRINGSALON 2008.
The genuine idea came from Asandra.
Please contribute with a "reply" and put in your picture at SPRINGSALON 2008.

I think "New Abstract Circle" could do with a serious curator!
I'd love to see us start to exchange business ie we pay/exchange artwork writers to help do our art books, art galleries request portfolios and do shows for our members, maybe even a group show called "New Abstract Circle" Show. We could also do features of all the members of our group in our blogs(for members that blog)and probably a ton of other ideas will come up right after I post this haha...

I have an idea to make a collection of miniatures fore a show.
If we exchanges perhaps 3 minis with eachothers there could lots of diffrent shows
and fun to. /a
I will def manage some sort off echangeprogram with miniatures! / Adalbert



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